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Virgo - Dating - Grid

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PAGE: 1 2 3 ... 346

Virgos have a bit of a bad reputation. They're known as fussy, nitpicky perfectionists by most. But Virgo dating has some surprising upsides, and you could soon find all your misconceptions overturned. You just need to give them a chance! And AnotherFriend.com has Ireland's most extensive zodiac dating listings, so you're almost sure to find the Virgo of your dreams here.

Virgos are actually a cheery bunch of people, so long as they've got something to keep them busy. They're never happy unless they've got a project to work on, a task to complete, or an event to plan. And they're the same when it comes to relationship. Virgo singles love doing things with their partners – even better if it's something that requires prior planning! So they make fantastic travelling companions, if you're hoping to find someone to whisk away to exotic locations.

Virgo dating is also really rewarding on an emotional level. Although they can be very shy, once you've won a Virgo's trust you'll find that they'll put an incredible amount of energy into making you happy. Birthdays will always be great, anniversaries will never be forgotten, and don't be shocked if you find yourself on the receiving end of many immaculately-planned surprise outings. They see the good in everyone, especially those they love, and often find themselves mistreated as a result; they need to be careful that their kindness doesn't get taken advantage of in a relationship.

Virgos are most compatible with Taurus singles and Capricorn singles. Taurus and Virgo make a great team because of their sharp minds and organised ways – they just have to be a little patient with each other's quirks. Capricorn's practical nature also suits Virgo's orderly ways, and both will have a lot of respect for the other's intellectual capabilities.

On the flip-side, Virgos should avoid Gemini singles and Pisces singles, who are only likely to push their buttons the wrong way. Geminis generally find Virgos too boring for their liking, and will start looking elsewhere for their fun pretty quickly. Pisces also finds Virgo's cautious, organised nature a little dull, and Virgos will find themselves unable to satisfy Pisces' desire for emotional, artistic experiences.

But for compaible singles, Virgo dating is an amazing experience. So don't miss out with AnotherFriend.com!