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Taurus - Dating - Grid

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Taurus singles dislike change, and will rarely make a rushed decision, so sites like AnotherFriend.com really are the perfect dating tool for them. Their common sense approach to life and regularity of habit mean that Taureans are poised to get the most out of online dating with the minimum of effort. With online dating, they can take their time getting to know other Irish singles, and get comfortable chatting with anyone who interests them before committing to a date.

Unlike some of the more tempermental signs, Taurus' reliability means that Taureans make some of the most desirable partners around! Taurus dating is free of drama or regular upheaval, and a general aversion to change or uncertainty means that steadfast loyalty is almost guaranteed. Their patience also adds to this sense of security – you'd have to do a lot to make a Taurus lose their cool!

One of the few downsides to being a Taurus in a relationship is that reliability and persistence can sometimes turn into stubbornness and obstinacy. That single-minded drive – the one which makes for so much success in most areas of life – can be a bit trying for a partner. Especially if that partner is one of the similarly stubborn Gemini singles or Aries singles out there, or even a fellow Taurus. In that case, it's important to be objective, and to recognise that there's isn't only a single valid opinion out there. It can be hard, and go against the Taurean nature, but it's something that needs to be done.

Taurus singles should, as a rule, avoid (and be avoided by!) Leo singles, Aquarius singles, and Scorpio singles if they want to make life easier for themselves. Leo's 'me first' nature isn't compatible with their stubborn attitude, Aquarians' know-it-all tendencies will also stir up some trouble, and Scorpio has too much need for contol to be a good match with Taurus. Taurus' ideal partner is a Virgo single or a Capricorn single, who will keep the peace and adjust to others' ways easily.

Don't be put off by their bad points, though - Taurus dating is so rewarding. Who wouldn't want loyalty, comfort and protection? So find your zodiac match with AnotherFriend.com today!