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It's difficult for Sligo singles to find a date in a county as small as Sligo, we know. But that's why AnotherFriend.com have made it their mission to make Sligo dating as fun and easy as it can possibly be. Meet loads of available singles with our Sligo personals listings, and message them for as long as you like with our FREE online dating service. Signing up will only take you two minutes, and it's completely free – no credit card details required or anything! Click here to visit the registration page, and kick-start your love life right now.

Feeling a bit worried about getting into the world of online dating? We've got a few tips to share – secrets that we've discovered during the ten years that we've been leading the online dating industry in Ireland. So read on to find out how you can really make the most of AnotherFriend.com's online dating services:

  • Show your profile to a close friend. If you're comfortable letting your friends know that you're trying out online dating, then get one (or more!) of them to have a look at your profile after you've created it. A good friend will tell you what's good about it, what's bad about it, and call you out on any sneaky lies you might be telling.
  • Be outgoing. In an online dating context, that means sending lots of messages, and keeping in regular contact with anybody you're talking to. You'll only truly feel the benefit of online dating if you decide to get properly involved.
  • Upload a photo. A single who uploads a photo to his or her profile is likely to get up to TEN TIMES as many responses as someone who doesn't. People want to meet people online, not faceless messages. So find a photo you love and stick it up there – you won't regret it!

Really, though, just treat online dating like real life Sligo dating. Talk, joke, laugh, flirt... it's all great! The internet is so central to our social lives now, so it makes perfect sense to use it to improve our love lives as well. So, Sligo singles, click here to get started – what are you waiting for?