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Scorpio - Dating - Grid

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PAGE: 1 2 3 ... 342

Scorpio singles are as sharp as their claws, and are quite the catch for anyone looking for love! Known for being absolutely gorgeous, they are also incredibly smart, quick-witted and loyal to their friends. Sound promising? Start your search for a Scorpio date with AnotherFriend.com's zodiac dating listings today!

Scorpios are a lot like their namesake, the scorpion. Tough on the outside, with a painful sting, but sensitive and tender on the inside at the same time. They seem able to handle anything that life throws at them, and they can respond to any criticism with a perfectly-aimed, biting comeback. But in reality, they're looking for love just like the rest of us. They simply find it harder to express their feelings than most. They have a tendency to internalise bad feelings, and to turn things over and over in their heads instead of talking about them. As a result, they can seem a little stand-offish to anyone who's interested in them. But don't be disheartened – that's just the nature of Scorpio dating. Scorpios need to be able to respect their partner, so they'll often act quite harshly towards people they're attracted to – they want to know if if they can handle it, and if they're worthy of respect.

Once you've won a Scorpio's heart, you're guaranteed a loyal and honest companion for as long as you can keep their respect. Scorpio dating is very stable and reliable, mostly because they don't like change. They like to know where they stand, and hate feeling uncertain about any aspect of their lives – and that goes double for relationships. If at all possible, they also like to be the dominant half of the partnership. This allows them to exercise even more control over their lives, and to feel as though they're responsible for the security of their situation. It's not a bad thing, but it does mean that they need a partner who can stand up to them from time to time, and keep their demanding tendencies in check.

Scorpio singles are best paired with Cancer singles or Pisces singles, as all these signs desire security and commitment in a relationship, and can balance one another's bad traits with their good ones.

So now that you know what to expect, why not start browsing the largest list of single Scorpios in Ireland?  If you think Scorpio dating sounds like the way to go, it could lead to some interesting encounters. You never know what will come of it!