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Sagittarius - Dating - Grid

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PAGE: 1 2 3 ... 323

Sagittarius singles are some of the most interesting people you're likely to meet, and some of the best dates you're likely to have. And with so many of them here at AnotherFriend.com, you're sure to find a Sagittarian who interests you in our extensive Irish zodiac singles listings.

If you're an unconventional sort of person, then Sagittarius dating just might be the way to go. They love an unusual lifestyle, especially one which lets them travel a lot, and are always willing to try new things. Their open-minded nature means that they make wonderful partners, and their kindness and generosity makes them an absolute pleasure to be around most of the time. While their willingness to share their feelings with everyone can make them seem like everybody's best friend, they need someone special to really connect with. It takes a really unique individual to win a Sagittarian's heart, because their desire to meet new people and broaden their horizons usually means that they find it difficult to stick with one person for any length of time. But when they meet that special someone who can keep their attention, then that person is in for a treat. Their optimism and love of life is usually contagious, and they make their partners feel as though they can accomplish anything.

The only real downside to Sagittarius dating is their notorious lack of tact. They will always speak their mind, even if they're thinking something you'd rather not hear. It's never their intention to offend, though – they just feel the need to be honest, and can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to hear the truth. But at least you can be certain that they're never harbouring any secret grudges or bottling up any resentment. You'll know if a Sagittarius is unhappy with you almost immediately.

Sagittarius is best paired with Aries singles or Leo singles, who share a desire for adventure and a passion for life. There's nothing these signs can't accomplish together. Gemini singles, however, are another story. Because neither partner in a Sagittarius-Gemini relationship will want to settle down, these pairings are unlikely to last in the long term.

But if you think you'd get on well with a Sagittarius, then what are you waiting for? Start checking out our singles listings now! Loads of Sagittarius singles are just a few clicks away!