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Profile - wordsfailme

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Dateability index: 100%
More About me
I would describe myself as:

Hi I was in a stable relationship which ended September 2015 and I am single and free to mingle

My ideal partner would be:

Educated, kind , giving and tolerant, a lady when out on the town and in the bedroom ..........well thats up to you

My ideal date would be:
I think this is Beautiful and should apply to us all.
William W. Purkey wrote these great words

Dance as if no one were watching,
love like no one had ever hurt,
sing as if no one were listening,
live as if heaven were on earth.

Now to something entirely different
I have decided to change my first date preference to the following
A midnight night stroll along the beach at Brittas Bay with the moon casting its light and reflection on the ebbing tide ,we will be able to hear the grass hoppers and crickets clicking away and we can lie down on the sand and talk about our younger days and our first loves and lovers.
Now that's all very romantic but it depends on a few things first. 1 you have discovered that I am not an axe murderer 2 I have discovered that you are not an axe murderer 3 that we actually get a moonlit summer's night in this rain sodden island we call home. 4 and the temperature of the air is more than 10 degrees at night............... 5 1+2 will probably be achievable 3+4 probably not.......... Just added no 6 now as I have just watched my new chinos,underwear and hush puppies( remember them !!!! for the younger ladies they are called deck shoes now) float out into the Irish Sea 6 The tide is out Feck it I am off to Spain if 3+4 does not happen in the next two weeks.... so you can email me and let me know when the heat wave arrives or is due and I'll come back for the date promise............. Well would you believe it,? I hit the Costa del Sol on the 30th of Oct and as I was leaving Dublin the rain stopped and through the porthole or window or what ever the aviators call it I was pleased to view Dublin Bay and Ireland's Eye in all its Majesty and that was the last sun I saw as we soared up through a cloud into Space and headed for the Iberian Peninsular until I was returning to Ireland 10 days later . It Bloody well poured rain for nine days non stop . My Dear God what did I do wrong that you punished me so..................................???????????????? So I made a deal with two local men I met on a “Old Spanish Train" that runs between Guadalquivir and Old Seville, they was playing cards. One guy was called Damien and the other Spanish guy was called Hesus (that's the way they pronounce it in Spain) they were playing for “the soles of the dead they said “ (funny poker chips I thought to my-self play for dead men’s shoes, I digress) anyway I asked them to let me know the minute the Sun shines again in Spain and to call me, I gave him my number to ring me asap and I will be on the next plane back there based on the principal that lightening never strikes twice...................."Funnily enough now that I think of it they both said they had my number already, I wonder how they got it?? Now who wants to join me.......................... OK I felt I had to add this as an Addendum. Addendum on" the glass half full people" The problem with people whose glass is half full is that that the hic darn bottle is half empty hic so I have had to open another bottle and drink the glass which was half full to see what the other bottle was like when its half full instead of been half hic empty so now
My Lifestyle
Non - Smoker
Never drink
Favourite pub:
none don't like pubs
Favourite album:
Nial Diamond Live
Sense of Humour:
I enjoy a good joke
Talk Level:
I love to meet new people and chat
Emotional profile:
I am somewhat emotional
Attitude to Risks:
I take some risks
Attitude to Stress:
I get stressed at times
Spending Habits:
I spend more than I can afford
Have a few friends
Past Relationships:
I've had three serious relationships
Relationship type:
Favourite band:
it depends on my mood

Profile Score - 100%

My Basic
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Body build:
5' 9'' - 5' 11''
Star Sign:
Dateability index:
My Background
Marital Status:
Grew up in:
Annual Income:
€35,000 - €50,000
Education level:
Third Level
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