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Profile - smoothO

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9 hour(s) ago
Dateability index: 80%
More About me
I would describe myself as:

A warm hello to all ye lovely girls! It's impossible to truly describe yourself in just a few choice words. So if you've a zesty sense of humour & aren't queasy over thoughts of being peppered with a juicy well done rant, sure relax with your favourite glass of Merlot while judging if my spiel makes for more compelling reading than a drab Bridget Jones diary! I'll probably never make the Christmas card list of the seriously dreary paranoid types who always shoot from the hip & get their frilly knickers in a right twist over anything anyone ever says. Any shrewd discerning lady who wishes to get to know me will see that I admire & value the subtle traits that epitomises a really marvellous woman in my eyes.

I suppose I'm a normal intuitive, perceptive guy with an uncanny sense of humour. I've been known to dramatically make mountains out of a mohill with my quips and in winding others up but it's all in jest and a good natured way as I'm not in any way vindictive. If you can see beyond the bit of jovial skitting & messing you may realise that deep down I'm actually a very kind considerate person.

I'm not one of the sheepish copycats who say the lethargic clichéd "I'm a glass half full type person"- I see it rather as waiting to be topped up! Why settle for mediocrity? Suffice to say, I admire and appreciate confident people who can just be themselves without being false or shallow. But conversely too, I dislike those pompous la-di-da high almighty types who love the sound of their own uppity voice and are totally stuck up their own ÄRS€š if you excuse my woeful French! I do know what I like in women -> and if you were thinking there it was "*****" then really it goes without saying that it is you who has a one track mind as I was going to say 'charm'! Don't fret however as you can allow yourself the comfort of knowing you won't be publicly ostracised for harboring normal human feelings after all!

My ideal partner would be:

Probably be a sassy type who exudes that confident spirit & a lovely outgoing personality to match. Certainly wouldn't be a serious dreary wishy-washy type but someone who can simply be themselves without needing to crave attention unlike the lycra panted contrived synchronised swishy bum wiggling power walkers in the brightest fluorescent tops who ironically only ever seem to appear on the busiest roads in rush hour traffic done up to the hilt in make up, perfect designer bob haircuts & streaky fake tan simply to enthuastically parade their rear ends. A woman with a great sense of humour who can give me a taste of my own sarcasm when needs be and who can savor the simpler chilled out things as well as enjoying letting her hair down and getting her hands dirty or her feet wet from time to time might just be in the same ballpark or singing off the same hymn sheet as me so to speak even if my singing is goddamn awful !

I'd love if women could be more candid talking about their real interests. Believe it or not, but some guys are actually interested in knowing about them! However, there's a farcical number of profiles that must be carbon copied from some VIP magazine of 'things I could mention to look cool list'. Many make wild audacious claims to be the finest fitness gurus doing all the latest spinning, zumba, pilates, kettle bells, antigravity yoga & any other fancy sounding activity like aqua aerobics you can rattle of the tongue 6 NIGHTS A WEEK to try and publicly portray they're living almost a utopia existence! One must marvel at the amazing time juggling skills of our wonderful aspiring 'Team Ireland Olympians' to be able to manage the onerous task of dining in all the latest snazzy eateries 5 NIGHTS A WEEK too. Do spare a heartfelt thought for the sacrifices these drama divas make to their 'busy' lives & the trauma of being discommoded from their weekly brunch in order to contemplate meeting a 'hot date'! By a sheer unique random coincidence -they all of course just happen to love drooling at Paolo Nutini or cavorting their stuff around Michael Bublé in concert! And even within the hectic schedules that their pristine OMG jobs demand, the poor angels only manage to squeeze in 3.5 ski trips a year << Oh God love them>> -just to spruce up the persona of living a champagne lifestyle that bit more!

Many of the pretentious types out there would probably claim they can make an Aran sweater too-not surprising really given the amount of yarns they can spin! Some must think there's an endless amount of George Clooney's or 50 shades of boring wussy Mr Greys that will suddenly swoop down from cloud unicorn manland on a big white horse and gallop away with them into the sunset like in an Enid Blyton fairytale?

Hopefully there's many dynamic women out there who want to give real salt of the earth guys a fair crack of the whip to show that they're real solid material ?

My ideal date would be:
FIRST DATE: - Meet for a beer, wine or whiskey tasting tour and if we don't bore each other to death pulling each others hairs out with cringeworthy small talk we can make further plans for a second date.

SECOND DATE: - Really push the boat out by thinking of a novel imaginative restaurant to try for dinner and after lots of head scratching for ideas we finally decide to go to McDonalds to sample the amazing culinary delights that await in a 'Happy Meal' dinner !! Exciting stuff...hey..??
My Lifestyle
Non - Smoker
Favourite pub:
Grogans, McDaids, Toners,
decent one
Favourite album:
Tom Dunne's Best Irish Hits
Sense of Humour:
I enjoy a good joke
Talk Level:
I love to meet new people and chat
Emotional profile:
I am cool and calm
Attitude to Risks:
I take some risks
Attitude to Stress:
I get stressed at times
Spending Habits:
I spend enough to enjoy life
Have a few friends
Past Relationships:
I've had two serious relationships
Relationship type:
Favourite band:
don't have one

Profile Score - 80%

My Basic
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Green brown
Body build:
Average weight
5' 9'' - 5' 11''
187 - 197 lbs
Star Sign:
Dateability index:
My Background
Marital Status:
Grew up in:
unceremonius times
Can I say professional like all the copycat clones
Annual Income:
€35,000 - €50,000
Education level:
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