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Profile - sigurdsss

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13 days ago
Vancouver, BC
Dateability index: 80%
More About me
I would describe myself as:

I don’t know if the world is going to run forever, but I know I’m not going to be around forever! I don’t know if I will finally meet you to warm my heart and join for a better, happier journey, but I know I can’t stop looking for you, and can’t stop calling you in my heart…I also don’t know what life holds for me tomorrow, but I do know that we can only get older and I feel safer to get old with you. Someone to remember the days with, and to grow with, all profiles repeat the same. Everyone is crying out to say how good they are, how cool they are, how fun they are. But how real are you, and how content are you with your real you? I’m tired of the lies, of the fakes…I want someone real! I want my “best friend”, I think this says it all! Maybe it’s about the right time, right place, right person… can online dating be any good? We’ll see :) You know that person in your group of friends who is always planning something but maybe gets a little too crazy about it sometimes? Well, that’s me, Putting together experiences for people is great, but I like to create my own too! Perfect dates are going for a hike, followed by a visit to a new local brewery or trying a new dinner spot and taking a walk nearby. I work hard during the week, fill my weekends with activities, and definitely can be a big ball of energy at times. I’m looking for a WOMAN who can keep me on my toes, I like my artsy with a little bit of fartsy, I love Sundays spent drinking massive amounts of coffee and lingering over newspapers and comics (yes, I read comics). And my Friday nights? Well you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you? Favorite Movie: An American Tale: Fievel Goes West. What can I say? I love that damn mouse, Favorite Place: The fort I made in my basement when I was 11. My parents let me keep that thing up for a full eight months and it was magic. Favorite Food: Cheetos. Puffs. I don’t know what y’all are thinking with that crunchy crap! Outside of work I keep plenty busy, whether I’m getting my heart rate up on trail runs, or throwing juicy burgers on the BBQ with friends. When I travel, I love exploring the open air markets of British Columbia! I have 3 grown children, who are already out of the house!

Monday through Friday, I manage my work, but when the weekend rolls around… it’s time to play.

Maybe you can join… message/reply me, and let’s talk


My ideal partner would be:

Every person comes equipped with flaws and emotional baggage. Seeking perfection is an idle search. Instead, what you should look for in a partner is emotional maturity. This means someone who is willing to think and learn about themselves, who is open to reflecting on the past and evolving in the present. This certain someone should be non-reactive, in the sense that they think before they act. They don’t let their instant emotions rule their actions. They are independent and self-assured, which means they aren’t looking to you to fix or complete them.....

No person is perfect, of course,
Emotional Maturity
Every person comes equipped with flaws and emotional baggage
Respectful and Sensitive
Physically Affectionate

My ideal date would be:
Please don’t laugh at my sister observation:-

According to my Sister, the women I've met in the "real world" have been less-than-stellar (even though I thought my dating life was perfectly fine!). I've decided to try something completely new and jump into the world of online dating.

Here goes...

I think that I’m a very happy and easygoing person; I don’t take life too seriously unless I really have to. I like outdoors as well as city life, I also enjoy going to a pub, restaurant, comedy club, theatre, and AC/DC concert or why not opera... The variation is what is nice,

Norwegian who lives in Canada and work as a Spillage Controller with Nature Trust Canada, I can honestly say that I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to connect with people on a daily basis. I work full time, which sometimes gets a bad rap, but it also comes with many lifestyle perks. I am very close to my family and I make sure to spend at least one day a week talking with them on the phone?

I like to focus my energy on collecting experiences as opposed to 'things' and would much rather spend my money on a trip to a foreign country than on a fancy new car. I'm the type of person who likes to seize opportunities and make the most of every day. Above all I value honesty and kindness in a partner, so if you're a genuine person with a lust for life, please send or reply to my message!

My Lifestyle
Non - Smoker
Favourite pub:
Favourite album:
Eagles —
Sense of Humour:
I can be sarcastic at times
Talk Level:
I am talkative with people whom I know
Emotional profile:
I am cool and calm
Rarely active
Attitude to Risks:
I take some risks
Attitude to Stress:
I am calm as a cucumber
Spending Habits:
I like to invest money
Have a few friends
Past Relationships:
I've had two serious relationships
Relationship type:
Favourite band:
The Beatles

Profile Score - 80%

My Basic
Hair Colour:
Dark Brown
Eye Colour:
Body build:
Average weight
5' 9'' - 5' 11''
187 - 197 lbs
Star Sign:
Dateability index:
My Background
Marital Status:
Grew up in:
Vancouver, BC
Annual Income:
€50,000 and more
Education level:
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