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Profile - originalfamily

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Dateability index: 35%
More About me
I would describe myself as:

REAL KING,KNIGHT,athletic.ur SECOND HALF&;LOVER.Ready to marry you soon;family oriented,want beautiful family,love you,passion,devotion,attentions,services,know-how in all fields.I am special,beautiful,wonderful angel,cheerful,fun.I am tender,strong,emotional,happy,joyful,romantic,smart,charming ,smiling,laugh,stable financially,affectionately,ocean of passion and love,discover&marry me!
You are gorgeous,like to kiss,hug,intelligent,sociable,reliable,honest,inner quality,sweetheart,witty mind,outside,inside beauty,kind heart,soul,charming,caring,emotional,sensual,sexy!generous&c urvy,sweet,cute,understanding,loving,;caring,polite,communic ative,open-mind;good house-keeper,wonderful,faithful,affectionate,passionate lover,wife,loyal,sincere!glamour,;femininity,grace,healthy life style

My ideal partner would be:

YOU ARE MY PRINCESS,and you will be very well treated,MY SECOND HALF,I CAN FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU at first sight as I have a very deep spiritual and psychological introspection and intuition of the of the person just looking at you face to face or looking at your photos.Firs I want to destroy the caricature,stupid stereotypes about the blondes,with your exceptional man you have detected in Me:I declare you are so welcome,desirable,because cute smart and intelligent and even more ladies with generous and curvy line,don't hesitate,I like you so much,run in my arms!Then I am able to say at once"I LOVE YOU",AS I LIVE IN THE HIGHEST SPIRITUAL CENTER OF THE WORLD,I tell it and give peace to thousands of person among my beloved people from all over the world all day long till the night hoping that my Love and Peace reach the end of the world passing by YOU,so ladies who find weird I say"I love You in my first letter"please pass by and don't answer me"you are ridiculous!"and for all the Ladies,please in spite of some general observation,theory etc... about love,I am the One who has reflected most of all about and written books,please I prefer you tell me the Love you feel at once about me.I am infinitely the most burning among the burning people of God so out of comparison with the stupid expression you borrow to millions of fool around,I hear or see hundreds of times a day"I am hot",by the way if a little but true,as I know millions in your case:I declare as scientist you are responsible of the global warming LOL!of course I I am in love with lots of people among them people of your countries,I am much more strong in my way to prove you my Love,so you feel Real Exceptional Lady beside me!I need a passionate lady whom I could say "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control!I need simply the best,brilliant,intelligent,well-educated,polite,I share with you Christian and family values at the highest point,I am like lots of You a bit old-fashioned in the good sense of the word:I am the man who behaves as a real gentleman,cares for his beloved and children as the men from the last century did,occidental women seem to have lost their femininity that given the rise of feminism and career aspirations,so busy trying to be like a man,they are at that point successful they forget to be a woman,they are a man whom I don't need,I hate this.I seek a partner who do not seem so corrupt by western feminism; still maintain a more traditional attitude to marriage,You are some of the most beautiful in the world and I enjoy this a lot,as the most beautiful Man,I enjoy to be with the most beautiful Princess of your countries.You have my sweetheart,holly beautiful soul,witty mind,tender body and feelings;You please me indubitably by your inner beauty and qualities which You reflect outside:then we are totally harmonious because these are my first qualities!I am able to find all the positives sides of the ladies,they say I read in their heart,soul and mind!it would be too long to say what can please me:beside the beauty I would say the charming,emotional,passioned sensual side(I am all that at the perfection)and I can't hide to tell you that I would be pleased,proud,charmed by you if you are all that,you are my lady if you like kisses,hugs,sensual emotions!
You are kind hearted,sweet,charming,cute,understanding,loving and caring about me,polite,communicative,open-mind,;good house-keeper(know that I pay house-keepers even because I receive a lot for free your people and can't afford all domestic,so we will do it a bit together for our special comfort,but I will pay a house-worker most of the time when we are busy with our activities,so you can become a wonderful,faithful,affectionate,passionate lover and wife;incomparable mother,delicious cooker!you are strong to support me and you need to feel weak under my protection!romantic, loyal, sincere woman!glamour and femininity!"like a chef in the ki

My ideal date would be:
My Lifestyle
Favourite pub:
several+camping car
Favourite album:
Sense of Humour:
Talk Level:
I love to talk to anyone
Emotional profile:
I am very emotional
Selected activities
Attitude to Risks:
I take some risks
Attitude to Stress:
I get stressed at times
Spending Habits:
I spend more than I can afford
I have too many friends
Past Relationships:
Relationship type:
Favourite band:

Profile Score - 35%

My Basic
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Body build:
Star Sign:
I don't believe in it
Dateability index:
My Background
Marital Status:
Grew up in:
Ingeneer,researcher,singer as hobby
Annual Income:
Education level:
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