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I am very outgoing, and I love most activities outdoors. I am gentle, & I would also like to say, I am Single,I am somewhat conservative, but am adventurous and love doing things from relax, listen to wide-range of music, watch good films, taking walks along the beach or curling up in front of a fire with that special someone. I'm down to earth real open-minded,I dont hide my feelings when it comes to the matters of the heart. I want to share my life with someone who will love me for what I am and want the same in return. I am very happy with who I am as a Person, and I want to share & experience Life with a woman who can share, and enjoy Companionship, and what I have, and who will treasure my Heart. I have good a Heart and I'm caring. "I am looking for someone who will Love me for whom I am".Honesty, friendship

My ideal partner would be:

I am looking for my Forever. Someone that I can just be me around. One that likes to do random unplanned things and loves to have fun. I have a great imagination and sense of humor and to me the skies is the limit. My perception is ALWAYS the glass is more than 1/2 full. Yes!!! I am the optimistic one, you know the kind...the ones that sometimes you would just love to hate. LOL I always see the upside or the other side and always know there are 2 sides to every story. I love people and if we gain nothing else from meeting and parting we have at least made a connection. An exchange of smiles, a handshake, a coffee, a laugh and a talk goes a million miles in my book. There is something special in each person we meet, True not all was meant to be "THE ONE" that we are looking for, but everyone has value and it is nice when people can just meet and have a nice time and go their separate ways, knowing that it was just nice to interact with someone else. Nothing lost, but rather an opportunity to get to know someone that you didnt know before. I am a different breed, so I been told for sure LOL I love meeting people and will talk to anyone anywhere. I am not shy and am very much an extroverted-extrovert. (very friendly) I obviously if you couldn't tell by this novel can hold a conversation, no dead air here.I love animals and kids as well.

My ideal date would be:
I love to make people happy and play golf. I also love to look for arrowheads and rocks. On any given nice free day you can find me in any body of water, be it a creek, beach, a ditch anywhere searching for arrowheads or parts and pieces of the Native past. I also love to attend pow-wows. I also love to play my native flutes while walking in the water. It's kinda like a prayer walk in the water. I love doing many random things. I love to explore and tend to wander easily and quickly...ya know one thing leads to another and another. you know? LOL... just have fun and enjoy doing whatever it is that I am doing. I find much enjoyment in the simple things in life. Music is the core of me, music connects with me and I with music. I love all different kinds of music and play it 24/7. I love concerts (Christian Rock). Music is my words when I have none to speak. Music speaks to me in many different ways. I am also a person that likes an intellectual conversations of many different things, whether it be nothing or something. I love to learn and research so for me I like to have a vase array of usable or unusable knowledge. Not that I am some genius but I do like deep connecting conversations. But in the some note I am very light hearten and not a serious person at all. meaning I make jokes out of most things. I am a pretty simple person and enjoy most things. If it isn't fun I will make it into fun somehow. My interests and hobbies are vase array of many different things from fishing and riding motorcycles to jumping off cliffs.
My Lifestyle
Non - Smoker
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Profile Score - 55%

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Body build:
5' 9'' - 5' 11''
110 - 120 lbs
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I don't believe in it
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