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4 hour(s) ago
Dateability index: 80%
More About me
I would describe myself as:

Im just a normal regular person, who lacks companionship I can uaually remenber monday to friday,if you can remember Sat,Sun, we could put our heads together Im a male a good vintage , low milage,many new parts,is not running but walks ok Im into solitude,short walks,the ocean, if your the quiet type, lets take out our hearing aids and enjoy the quiet times [only kidding] LOVE old classic movies,the seasons,i plant lots of stuff every spring that never grows,im somewhat untidy,but always know where verything is, a photographer and mechanical engineer in another life,all my friends have been friends for over 30 years,i place a very high value on honesty and loyalty ,I collect old cameras, but not a luddite,i do love the ease digital photography brings,I collect coins,I suppose its the mechanical engineer in me,i like the james 2nd gunmoney,i suppose because of its attachment to the siege of limerick in 1690/1691, and of course all the specials from the central bank of ireland,an avid fan of the internet,I have internet friends from around the world, and have met some of them, im off to milan in sept to visit an internet friend, im planning the USA in 12 to visit some internet friends in NY, PENN and SF Iv discovered ,perhaps too far on in life, that there is no second chance,but i always see the glass half full ,I visited friends in the old city of Cremona near Milan,a wonderfull city, with the tallest brickwork tower in the world,a city full of wonderful old churches,and my friends took me to some out of the way restaurants that served traditional northern Italian foods , and a visit to Parma,where i sampled as many of the famous Parma hams as i could, More recently I went to south west France,to Bayonne and the region,wonderful area, with some time spent in Spain, but based in Bayonne with its wonderful Museums and art gallerys. The highlight though was a good friend of mine was the captain of the Boeing 737 on the flight ,and surprised me when I boarded, so I spent the 2 hour flight in the cockpit,from takeoff at Shannon to BAB airport in France,truly an amazing experience for me. I moved house [always a city boy] about 3 miles outside the city,It is so very nice, a quiet and peacefull , like out in the boonies but I have the best of both worlds,only 5 minutes to the city,,,,since iv visited Cyprus,such wonderful climate,history of thousands of years,food so good, local wine, beer, beaches and mountains,so sad the island is divided,the contrast between the north [turkish] and south [greek] is so striking,south rich, north poor,same people,,
Iv been to a few AF get togethers,met a lot of very nice people in this time ,in Racket hall in Roscrea and galway and Limerick,,remember, you can never have enough TV remote controls,cordless drills, screwdrivers and gadgets you buy and never use,,,
A recent visit to an old town called Gaeta,about 90 miles SW of rome on the coast,beautiful place,sunshine,some amazing foods [where would you get an evening 4 course with a bottle of wine for €18] a bit off the beaten track,a bit of the real italy.
I did the tourist bit too of course, The Vatican,Pompii [they had running water and central heating there 1700 years ago] amazing place covering about 180 acres, and only 60% uncovered after 150 years.
Monty Cassino,the fortress monastery, where such terrible fighting took place in WW2,a cemetary there has 1000 polish soldiers interred, now a peaceful,rebuilt monastery, very beautiful.
This spring a pair of swallows nested in my boilerhouse,5 eggs and chicks,,fledged 22/6, watched them leave the nest within 20 seconds, and they flew over my house for hours after,wonderful sight,
I always seem to be visiting places with lots of fossals and such like,perhaps its because im a bit of an old fossal myself,but we can learn much from history,both comtempory and ancient.

My ideal partner would be:

A nice chatty person with similar interests sort of, i must warn you ,i tend to talk a lot,,Im handy with a WOK,I like spicy foods,I regularly visit the russian/african/indian/chinese food stores in limerick looking for spices and different foods, can you cook ??

My ideal date would be:
breakfast,lunch, evening out, a visit to the Smithsonian, an Irish coffee at the Bueno Vista club in SF,,a pot of tea and 2 mugs,,coffee,anything you choose yourself
My Lifestyle
Non - Smoker
Favourite pub:
4 elms
love my Citroen Picasso
Favourite album:
the 5th,water music,.4 seasons,,
Sense of Humour:
I enjoy a good joke
Talk Level:
I love to meet new people and chat
Emotional profile:
I am somewhat emotional
Selected activities
Attitude to Risks:
I take some risks
Attitude to Stress:
I am calm as a cucumber
Spending Habits:
I spend enough to enjoy life
Have a few friends
Past Relationships:
I've had two serious relationships
Relationship type:
Favourite band:
some jazz and claassical

Profile Score - 80%

My Basic
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Body build:
6' 0'' - 6' 2''
154 - 164 lbs
Star Sign:
Dateability index:
My Background
Marital Status:
Grew up in:
Annual Income:
€20,000 - €25,000
Education level:
Third Level
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