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Profile - UrSoulMate4u

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Dateability index: 55%
More About me
I would describe myself as:

He's strong, yes, but in a way you'd want a man to be strong. he's sexy, yes, but not like some twenty-two-year-old star. Women love him--to the point of kissing his feet--because his allure is unconventional and unexpected. And so you wonder what he's going to be like when he shows up. You've been waiting all week while he's been home incommunicado. He's kind of soft. Maybe even a little vulnerable. First you picture him as a kid in California who dreams of being a tycoon and who, when he thinks his girlfriend doesn't have enough money to satisfy her appetite after feeding her at Burger King, gives her half his cheeseburger. Then you see a ringleader of a group of guy's dubbed the gods in High School, where he is suspended for mouthing off after cutting classes to smoke cigarettes. And then you try to imagine the outsider among the affluent guys in Malibu. That's how it goes. However you imagine him, blink and you see another James Dean. You laugh and say goodbye, and after he's vanished, you understand how he can jump from role to role in life. You understand something else, too. Maybe you're the type of girl who'd love a man to offer you the last bite of his cheeseburger if he sensed you were hungry. Maybe you love the type of man who mouths off to authority and has no problem appearing half naked on a beach full of people. Maybe you love a man who'll listen with wide eyes but can take over a conversation. A man who looks great in jeans and a plain white shirt or a chanel suit. One way or the other you will not forget him - My Friend it's UrSoleMate4u Interesting intelligent demeanour intelligent professional, honest, caring, great sense of humour. I like great restaurants, great spas, I like to travel, emotionally available, I am playful, am where the world is sublime and completely satisfying. I enjoy coffee shops, museums, art shows, wines, martinies dinning & I love dancing, walking in the outdoors. Love silent time. .

My ideal partner would be:

I have no idea what I am looking for. Mostly I just want to see who will write back and focus on what's good. That's why textbooks which instruct school children in conceptions of history differ from country to country. Each with their own version, and each with their own stories to tell. And in many ways, life's like that as well. We all have versions, and versions; revised, updated, edited, but still versions, all the same. The difference between their history, and our history, is that we have a choice. We can choose either to continue living in a castle (complete with a moat, drawbridge, and such) that we've built in the air, or we can choose to plant our feet firmly in the ground and admit that our innocence has been lost, carried away by the winds that have blown past. And henceforth, the process of renewal begins, again... so maybe.......... You are interesting, great conversationalist, I'd like to be around a woman who is intelligent. I am looking for a "real" woman, who's down-to-earth and can enjoy the simple things in life. She'll love to work alongside me and put her hand and mind to almost anything. She also loves to read great books, someone that wants more that the usual woman, however in fact, she's a very sensual woman who enjoys touch and affection, enjoys lots of TLC... Gives HUG's. One side of her enjoys hanging out with groups of friends, the other she want to be on her own just with me. She's the type of person people come to for practical, no-nonsense advice. She'll often show how she feels through her actions and practical support. Who I am looking for is someone I can be a great friend with. And is a caring, kind, gentle, honestly will tell, what you need to know not what she thinks you might like, You are a sensitive woman who is still a real sexy woman who likes to express her feelings about herself and her man. I feel looks are important as well as personality but must be easy going with a good sense of humour. I would like to spend quality time with you whether it be in the country or dancing the night away with you. But also lots of cosy nights at home with you, as long as we had a good time and could talk to each other about anything. Does such a woman really exist ??? so is this you? Take the Future in Your Hands, go on you want to get to know me as now your Life holds endless possibilities..... You want to live life to the full??? Oh, you are a gal who's up for the craic:-), and you do like dancing...

My ideal date would be:
A walk in the park and having fun and a coffee and chat...... Sitting across the table and wondering whats for desert..... .
My Lifestyle
Non - Smoker
Favourite pub:
Favourite album:
John Denver, Leonard Cohen, Johnnie Cash
Sense of Humour:
I enjoy a good joke
Talk Level:
I love to talk to anyone
Emotional profile:
I am somewhat emotional
Selected activities
Attitude to Risks:
I take some risks
Attitude to Stress:
I get stressed at times
Spending Habits:
I spend enough to enjoy life
Have lots of friends
Past Relationships:
Relationship type:
Favourite band:

Profile Score - 55%

My Basic
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Body build:
5' 9'' - 5' 11''
154 - 164 lbs
Star Sign:
Dateability index:
My Background
Marital Status:
Grew up in:
Self Employed
Annual Income:
Education level:
Third Level
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