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13 hour(s) ago
Dateability index: 35%
More About me
I would describe myself as:

Please form an orderly queue, ladies: the man of your dreams is back! And, even better news, this time I'm looking for true romance, not just the endless string of empty (though delightful) one night stands and meaningless (though lovely) short flings that have dominated my love life for far, far too long. I'm hot, I'm back, and I'm lookin' for lurrve!

So looking forward to seeing all you laydees real soon!

I'm a Renaissance Man. A MILF Magnet. A Classical scholar. A Brad Clooney lookalike. A rocket surgeon. A world class lover. An intellectual, moral and literary Titan. A legend in my own lunchtime. A gentle friend, a fearsome foe. A hero to millions. A polymath. A role model for the young, an inspiration to the old. A prince amongst men. A defender of the weak; a tormentor of the powerful. A man apart; a man in full. The body of Adonis, the intellect of Archimedes, the wisdom of Aristotle. A fist of steel, a neck of brass, a heart of gold. A brilliant and original mathematician; an accomplished and cunning linguist; a philosopher, environmentalist and humanitarian. Passionate often, compassionate always. A man for all seasons. Gaeilgeoir líofa. A fashion icon. Adored by women, envied by men. A man who bestrides the Earth like a Colossus.

I have the distinction of being the only person in the world who is not unique.

I'm a feminist, a supporter of the #MeToo movement and a champion of women's equality around the world. So all you hotties out there will find in me an empathetic, caring and enlightened 'new man' for whom to cook and clean. PS, I always like the lady to make a special effort for my return from work: pretty dress, heels, make-up and fingernails and toenails perfectly painted, plus my dinner ready at 6.30 sharp. The lady and the dinner should both be hot, tasty and ready to consume!

I don't drink, smoke, ride horses or gamble on women. My only real vices are coffee and chocolate.

Sending special love and hugs to all the beautiful Brazilian ladies in Ireland. Espero que todos voces, garotas brasileiras sensuais, estejam se divertindo em nosso magnífico verao irlandes!

I come across as modest; some say I have much to be modest about! I am quiet, unassuming and self effacing and I tend to fade into the background. I prefer not to blow my own trumpet.

I speak fluent Gaelic, and passable English, French and Italian. I am also proficient at reading Spanish and Portuguese. I have in fact been described, memorably and perhaps accurately, as being illiterate in six languages!

I love old, corny jokes. And if you ask me for a double entendre, I shall give you one...

Like most Librans, I have no belief in astrology.

My aesthetic and cultural tastes can best be described as eclectic, esoteric, electric, eidetic, eccentric and, yes, occasionally idiosyncratic. I have a particular dislike for Country 'n Irish music, but I don't wish to denigrate those who do like it. (And for those people who do like Country 'n Irish music, to 'denigrate' means to put down or belittle).

My ideal partner would be:

My ideal lady is fit, funny, feisty, full-bosomed and fabulously feminine! If you tick at least two of those boxes, why not reach out to me? True love could be just around the corner!

All colours, creeds and nationalities eligible. Blonde, brunette, dark, even ginger: it's all good! Collars and cuffs must match, however - it's only fair, ladies! I am willing to travel anywhere in Ireland, except Roscommon.. No bunny boilers, trannies, shot putt champions or moonlighting nuns please!

My ideal date would be:
Dutch (as in sharing the bill, not the nationality - although I have nothing against Dutch people of course, and would be delighted to date a hot blonde from the land of the dykes. I don't mean dykes as in lesbian people, but dykes as in earthworks in Holland to keep the sea out - although of course I have nothing against lesbian people, and would be delighted to date a hot blonde lesbian. This explanation is getting very complicated. I should have said the land of the tulips.)
My Lifestyle
Non - Smoker
Never drink
Favourite pub:
Favourite album:
Sense of Humour:
I am a born comedian
Talk Level:
I am talkative with people whom I know
Emotional profile:
I am somewhat emotional
Very Active
Attitude to Risks:
Attitude to Stress:
Spending Habits:
I spend more than I can afford
Have a few friends
Past Relationships:
I've had several relationships
Relationship type:
Favourite band:
Big tom and the mainliners

Profile Score - 35%

My Basic
Hair Colour:
Salt & Pepper
Eye Colour:
Body build:
5' 9'' - 5' 11''
154 - 164 lbs
Star Sign:
I don't believe in it
Dateability index:
My Background
Marital Status:
Non Religious
Grew up in:
have one
Annual Income:
Education level:
Third Level
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