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Living in Ireland's “wee county” can make dating tough for Louth singles, and we know that you might be finding it difficult to meet that special someone in your local area. But AnotherFriend.com, Ireland's largest online dating site, can help to change all that – here, Louth dating is a pleasure rather than a chore, and we've got a dedicated Louth personals page to make finding singles near you easy!

Joining AnotherFriend.com is FREE, and it takes just two minutes to set up your profile. Once you've done that, you can start browsing the singles listings and messaging other members straight away. There are almost half a million singles registered with our site, so the odds are working in your favour! All you have to do is send a friendly “hello” to anyone who takes your fancy, and see where things go from there. Or, if you're feeling a little shy, just click the 'wink' button on any member's profile to let them know that you're interested – it's a great way to start communicating with someone, and takes a lot of the stress out of thinking up the perfect first message (if such a thing even exists!).

But if you do want to write a great introductory message, then let me share a few sure-fire ways to impress:

  • Use proper English. Simply taking the time to write, “Hi, I love your photo. And you're from Louth, too! Have you always lived here?”, creates a much better impression than something along the lines of, “hi howr u, luv da pic n hope 2 tlk 2 u mre!!x”
  • Ask a question about the person you're messaging. Everyone likes to feel that somebody's interested in them, so take the time to read the person's profile, and ask them something about it. A message like, “Wow, the beach in your profile photo looks amazing! Where is it?” is much more likely to spark a conversation than, “Hey, love the profile!”
  • Don't send the same message to load of members. People can tell when you do, because you come across as generic and impersonal. Take the time to talk to a person properly.

Just keep these tips in mind when you're messaging other Louth singles, and you could be improving your Louth dating in no time!