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Libra - Dating - Grid

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PAGE: 1 2 3 ... 341

Libra singles are an unabashedly romantic bunch, who want little more from life than to fall in love. And other singles adore them for it – people will do anything for a Libra, making them one of the most sought-after of all signs. So find one for yourself today, thanks to AnotherFriend.com's extensive zodiac dating listings.

From the time they are very young, most Libra singles dream of finding the prince or princess of their dreams. Because they spend their days longing to meet the perfect partner for them, they can be quite impulsive when it comes to love. This has left Librans with a bit of a reputation for melodrama, because impulsive emotional decisions can often have quite explosive effects. The truth, however, can be quite different. Many Librans are happy to experiment with casual relationships – and even the quietest and shiest of them are excellent flirts.

Their belief in true love, however, also means that Libras are known for being excellent marriage partners. If they think you are 'the one', they'll do just about anything for you. A Libra in love is a wonderful thing, and they have no trouble finding happiness in other parts of their life once they've got their other half by their side.

But not all Libras are lovesick and emotional. Some become disillusioned because of failed relationships or traumatic break-ups, and start to act emotionally distant as a result. They think that they will get by better on their own — and while this is true at times, they usually just need the right person to come along and sweep them off their feet.

And that person is likely to be one of the Gemini singles or Aquarius singles in their lives. Libra is a perfect match for either of these two signs, as they both exhibit traits that are fun, engaging, and perfect for Libra dating. Cancer singles, however, should probably be avoided. Cancer and Libra are both too emotional to be compatible, and are likely to drive each other crazy with their moods. Libra needs someone more balanced and steady to support their own flights of fancy.

So try your luck with Libra dating today – you never know, you might be the one they've been looking for!