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We know that Kilkenny singles have a difficult time with the dating game. In a small city like Kilkenny, it can be so hard to find someone local that's right for you. But Kilkenny dating doesn't need to be a chore with AnotherFriend.com. Sign up for a free account with us, and we'll be here to give you advice on every step of your dating journey. Our dating expert, Helena Davis, is always on hand to answer your questions – all you need to do is send her an e-mail, and you'll recieve a reply like this:

“Hi Helena,

I feel I am coming across way too needy to men. They always seem to leave me as soon as they get to have sex. I really want a relationship and would change everything in my life if I could get it. I am 25 years old and would like to meet someone soon.

Any suggestions?”

Well, first of all, it seems like you’re getting out there and meeting people a lot, and that’s always the most important first step towards a relationship — so keep that up. Secondly, finding someone is obviously very important to you right now, and it’s great that you’re clear about that and know what you want.

But sometimes eagerness can come across as neediness, and that can often be perceived negatively at the start of a relationship. Take a minute to think about how you act around the men who leave. Do you put a lot of pressure on them to commit to a serious relationship from the start? Do you tell them that you “would change everything” in your life for the sake of a relationship?

If so, then that can be very intimidating. People don’t want a partner who is solely dependent upon them for happiness — a relationship should compliment your life rather than defining it. Make sure that you’re filling your days with things that you enjoy, rather than just pining after a relationship. The happier you are in yourself, the more attractive a partner you’ll be.

And when it comes to sex, well, only you know when the time is right. But take a minute to think about your attitude to that as well. You say that they leave “as soon as they get to have sex” — you deserve better than that. If you feel that someone only wants sex from a relationship, then you probably don’t want to be in a long-term relationship with this person. Don’t use sex as a means of trying to keep someone around. If they’re worth the effort, they’ll be willing to wait until you’re ready, and until the emotional connection — which is obviously what you really want — develops.

So, Kilkenny singles, get started with AnotherFriend.com and see how it can revolutionise your love life! Kilkenny dating has never been so easy or so much fun.