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AnotherFriend.com is here for all your Kildare dating needs, helping you to find local singles for fun, friendship, and more. In operation since 2000, AnotherFriend.com has given countless singles from all over the country the chance to find love and happiness at last, and you can be a part of Ireland's largest online dating community by clicking here. Signing up takes just two minutes, and it's completely free to talk with other Kildare singles through our anonymous messaging service. So take the first step towards a more successful love life and register for your free online dating profile with AnotherFriend.com today!

Whether you're from Naas, Newbridge, Celbridge, or anywhere else in County Kildare, it's easy to meet local singles with AnotherFriend.com. Just keep these online dating tips in mind, and you'll be a huge hit in no time!

  • Be clear about what you're looking for. We give you a free online dating profile – make the most of it! Let other members know what you're looking for in a date. Do you want someone outgoing and sociable, or someone to spend quiet nights in with? Are you looking for an athletic, sports-loving girl who'll share your hobbies with you? Or maybe a guy who loves to read? The clearer you are about what you want, the more successful your online dating experience will be. Just don't be unrealistic in your expectations!
  • Respect other people. Just because you're on the internet doesn't mean that you can forget everything you know about manners. You wouldn't be rude to Kildare singles that you met offline, so why should that be any different here? Hold yourself to the same standards online as you would in real life, and people will like you so much more for it.
  • Make it easy for other people to make the first move. Just as it's good to let people know what you're looking for, it's also good to let them know how you like to be contacted. A simple, “Want to start getting to know me? Just wink!” will let people know that you're open to conversation, and willing to get to know other singles. Being approachable in this way can greatly improve your response rate, so don't forget this tip!

Now that you're ready to try these tips out, and to make Kildare dating a reality for you, just click here to sign up!