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For all the Kerry dating beginners out there, these first date tips are for you!

  • Try not to pump up your expectations too much. Some excitement is fine, but remaining realistic is your key goal. If you keep your initial expectations low then an amazing date will be a fantastic surprise, with a poor date being no real loss.
  • Create a fun and original date – a movie and dinner is a decent idea but you cannot talk to your date during the movie and the dinner may make you more uncomfortable then you can imagine. Perhaps a homemade meal, with a great movie and some board games may be the correct option for you. And hey, it’s cheaper too.
  • Keep away from the ‘really, really good-looking people’ to quote Derek Zoolander. If you and your date start out at a club with the hottest models, how do you think they will feel if you are ogling some cover star the whole night? As gentlemanly/ladylike as you think you are, your date will notice your wavering eye contact. 
  • Bring supplies, chiefly dental supplies. How often have you had to excuse yourself to the bathroom due to a loose piece of lettuce or chicken being lodged in your teeth? Is it really so difficult to pop a roll of floss in your pocket? Mints for fresh breath or breath spray also work wonders after a big meal.
  • Keep a positive attitude throughout the whole evening. Even if your dating venue turns out to be a dirty restaurant with horrible food, a good attitude can turn any affair into a night to remember.
  • Keep your issues out of the date itself – do not waffle on about your exes, your horrible job or your lack of money. This date is about fun and your partner will not want to hear about the issues that you may have. Save it for the third date at least (sarcasm). Rather discuss issues that are important to you, and find a subject that you are both passionate about.
  • For both men and women, our final tip is to break the standard rules of dating. If you want to see the person again as soon as possible, then call them right away!

Some highlights you could enjoy in Kerry include the following:

Kerry is the fifth largest county in Ireland and is well known for its Gaelic Football, which is the dominant sport in this area. Kerry is also proudly known for being one of the most scenic counties in all of Ireland. Kerry has in fact, long been a major tourist destination, with sites such as the Kerry County Museum, the Kerry Entertainment World, the Tralee Aqua Dome, the Gallarus Oratory and festivals such as the Rose of Tralee and Puck Fair providing even more reasons to enjoy Kerry. One can also enjoy a fantastic round of golf at courses that are rated number one around the world.

There are many Kerry singles waiting to meet you, follow our Kerry dating advice and sign up with AnotherFriend.com to find the one for you!

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