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Gemini - Dating - Grid

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PAGE: 1 2 3 ... 369

Gemini singles make perfect partners for anyone who longs for a relationship based on affection and generosity, and you're sure to find one who interests you with Ireland's largest online dating site, AnotherFriend.com.

Geminis are renowned for their ability to have fun and for their love of variety. So Gemini dating is a sure-fire recipe for an interesting relationship! You'll never be stuck for something to do with a Gemini, because their active minds take a keen interest in everything that's going on around them – and they're always eager to join in. They'll try anything, whether it's a new food, drink, activity, or way of thinking. There's never a bad time for a Gemini to start doing or learning something new, and they constantly amaze everyone around them with their versatility and adaptability.

While they do suffer from a low boredom threshold, which can make it difficult for them to stick at any one thing for a long time, they can always put their minds to a task when it's something that they love. And that goes double for someone they love. As long as their relationship stays fresh and interesting, they'll never lack loyalty or commitment. The only real problem that Geminis suffer from when it comes to love is their need for variety – they have to be careful that their desire to try new things doesn't lead them astray romantically.

The best partners for Gemini singles, astrologically speaking, are Libra singles and Aquarius singles. Librans' easy-going natures mean they they'll be happy to get involved in everything that their Gemini wants to try. Aquarians are similarly relaxed, and always willing to learn something new as well – the perfect compliment to Gemini's inquisitiveness.

But Geminis should stay away from Virgo singles and Pisces singles, as they're likely to drive them a bit nuts in many cases. Virgos are too obsessively organised, and like to focus on one thing at a time. And Pisceans like the quiet life too much to be able to deal with a Gemini's excitement over everything.

So if you think Gemini dating is for you, look no further than AnotherFriend.com for the best online dating experience that Ireland has to offer!