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 Don’t let Galway dating get you down. The internet is an excellent place to find that special someone. When you found a potential match thanks to AnotherFriend.com, it will be time to write them that very first message about yourself. In the world of the internet, this can be associated with chatting to a good-looking person at your local pub. Don’t fluster, follow our advice and create the perfect first message for the one you are interested in.

Our first reaction to a face-to-face meeting would most likely fluster us but thanks to the beauty of the online environment, we can relax and not stress too much about rejection. What’s the worst that can possible happen? Either you get a message saying no or no message at all. Either way, you can move on to meet other interesting Galway singles.Ensure that you read the full profile of the potential partner that you are writing to. Learn from their details and suss out if they are a good match for you.

Keep your initial introduction as basic as possible. There is no need to delve into your deepest, darkest desires – ensure that it is light, friendly and above all, concise. Talk about your common interests as this will be a massive incentive for them to read further. Above all, toss out the corny pick-up lines (apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?). These lines do not work in the clubs and pubs, so there is no chance of them working online.

Resist the urge of speaking about yourself and don’t overdo it – there is always a chance that your real life image and personality will not live up to the fiction you have created online. Give your chosen match a chance to reply and learn more about them; they may not even be the correct person for you!

The online dating game is a complicated affair therefore there is no need to hurry along a relationship. Use the internet to get to know them and become great friends before anything else. Like everything else in life, a relationship will take its course at the pace it demands. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the online Galway dating scene.

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