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France - dating - Grid

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Dating in France is now  easier than ever before, thanks to AnotherFriend. AnotherFriend has a France personals list that is unmatched by any others. Simply log on to our website  to improve your love life instantly! You'll meet more singles than ever before, because ours is one of the biggest dating sites in Ireland. 

France has long been known as one of the most desired of all romantic destinations, with Paris topping  the list for lovers of all ages. Listed below is a collection of cities that you should attempt to visit during your trip to France:

  • Strasbourg

Welcome to the capital of the European Union! This bustling city is certainly no hole in the wall. It is situated across the Rhine River (Germany is on the other side). This produces an amazing mixture of French and German culture. If you need delicious food, with a flair that no other city can provide then this is most likely the idea city for you. This is a very old town, with a constant Christmas-like feel.

  • Bordeaux

This is so much more just than a small city nestled away in the cracks of French memory. It is also a hip, happening young town that is filled with bars, nightclubs, endless pedestrian areas and some of the best wine known to mankind. Filled with collage students, this is a young, upbeat town that is dying to be explored.

  • Montpellier

Since the middle ages, this city has been known as the ultimate town for students, as it has a rich medical school background. The streets are lined with quaint coffee shops, historical buildings and other delectable treats. Outdoor markets are everywhere and this city is actually one of France‚Äôs most  disabled-friendly cities as well.

  • Lyon

This is a city that is overlooked by many, but one that is actually filled with  amazing Roman attractions that have survived from the old days. Two rivers wind throughout the city and fill the streets with life. This is a town that you should definitely visit.

For further information, and to find the hottest town for singles in France, AnotherFriend should be your only destination.