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Anne-Marie & Mark
I had been separated for about 8 years, and had done the whole pub scene, but you kind of get past that stage. So I gave up and concentrated on rearing my three children. But a friend of mine was on a couple of dating sites and told me to give it a go even for just a bit of fun ' So even though the thoughts it made me very nervous as I really didn't know what to expect, I thought to myself 'What have I to lose?' and gave it a go and chatted with a few and even went on a few dates!

After a while on the site, I met Mark. We chatted on the site and then on the phone for weeks and I really got to like his sense of humour, he was good for cracking a joke, which I liked. Finally, after 4 months, we decided to arrange to meet. I was very nervous as he had never married or had any kids so on our first date I felt I had to put myself across a bit better than a single girl would need to, so I did what any girl would do... talk!!! He couldn't get a word in edgeways with me. I won't lie, when I first saw him I wasn't bowled over and will admit, he wouldn't be my typical type-tall dark and handsome. But we went for a bite to eat and after a while I thought to myself, you know what, he's a lovely guy ' but sometimes lovely is boring so I still wasn't 100% convinced. I know that sounds so stupid now!

We had such a laugh on our date, he had such a great sense of humour, just like he was online, so witty and quick. It drew me to him. We met again 3 weeks later for another date and that night I felt, this is it!!

Online dating was so refreshing for me as I could be completely honest. I felt once somebody knew my family and work situation and was still willing to meet up, then we had overcome any barriers that wouldn't have so easily overcome in a pub.

I would certainly say to anyone that hasn't tried online dating to absolutely give it a go. I had genuinely given up and never for a minute expected to meet, never mind marry, another man so I think that says it all.

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