About Us
Can dating services help your love life? Our team knows the benefits of finding a quality online dating service, and have tried it themselves with great results. Listed below are their stories, and how they contribute to the AnotherFriend.com team.
AnotherFriend Customer Support
The customer support team at AnotherFriend.com (+35315242498) are here to help you if you are new to the site and want to find your way around – whether you need help uploading photos, or have any problems with your site account. Email them at support@anotherfriend.com, we guarantee a response within one working day.
Our Mission
‘Our mission is to continuously create a fun and engaging Ireland internet dating community
for Irish people to connect to each other, find that someone special or to enrich their social lives.’
Gràinne Barry - Managing Director
Gràinne Barry joined Kevin in 2003 to help grow the business in order to become the leading online dating site in Ireland. They were old friends and Kevin had been the best man at Grainne’s wedding, although the wedding was not a result of AnotherFriend.com (for our weddings, check out our testimonials section). In the dating world, the viewpoints of both men and women come in handy when deciding what’s needed on our site.
Kevin Greene - Founder/CTO
Over the Christmas holidays of 2000, Kevin Greene had the idea of an online dating site for Ireland, as looking around he saw his social circle was growing smaller and like many of his friends, he wasn’t meeting new people as Ireland’s social scene continued to evolve. In just ten short days, AnotherFriend.com was programmed solely by Kevin and launched on New Year’s Eve. We’re not sure if it was one of the pioneering sites in Ireland, but certainly it was one of the first. It has stood the test of time and still meets Kevin’s original objective to be ’like an online Irish pub where people can meet’. The result is quality dating services that any Irish citizen, man or woman can trust.