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Capricorn - Dating - Grid

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Capricorn is one of the most stable signs of the zodiac. So Capricon singles make fantastic partners for people who want to live sensibly, patiently, and responsibly, and who enjoy a serious, practical and strong-willed presence in their lives. There are hundreds and hundreds of Capricorn singles here on AnotherFriend.com, and they're all waiting to meet the person of their dreams! So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our zodiac singles listings now, and anything could happen...

Capricons are generally not the most sociable people. They like having time to themselves, and can come across as quite closed-off because of their natural shyness. But don't be put off by that – they can't help being a bit unsure and wary. Many of them lack a large circle of friends, but that can just be because they find it difficult to get close to people. It doesn't mean they're not likable. Give a Capricorn the chance to get to know you, and you'll have a loyal partner for life if the two of you hit it off.

Capricorns are incredibly faithful when it comes to relationships. This is partly because they like their lives to be stable and reliable, and partly because emotional attachment is a rare thing for them – so when they do find it, they treasure it deeply. Relationships are very important to Capricorns, and they will work incredibly hard to ensure that they succeed.  They can, however, be a little self-centred on occasion. But they're rarely excessively selfish, and will usually try to make up for it afterwards if they do take it too far.

One of the few irrational parts of a Capricorn's personality is their tendancy towards melancholia. They can be incredibly pessimistic at times, and prone to bouts of unhappiness. Their sadness can seem almost incurable at times, but happiness will usually triumph again in the end.

Capricorn dating works best with Taurus singles and Virgo singles, whose love of balance and organisation will go perfectly with Capricorn's cautious attitude to life. Cancer singles are not really suited to life with a Capricorn, though, as their emotional tendencies will only emphasise Capricorn's periods of sadness.

Capricorn dating isn't for everyone, but it's worth a shot, because it could lead to the time of your life!