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Cancer - Dating - Grid

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Cancer singles are the ideal partners for anyone who wants a long-term, committed relationship, and they're some of the most intuitive and caring people you're ever likely to meet. Browse AnotherFriend.com's extensive Irish singles listings to find the Cancerian of your dreams!

Cancerians are perhaps best known for being an emotional group of people, driven by feeling and intuition rather than logic and rationality. They are extremely quick to pick up on the emotions of those around them, and are very sensitive to changes in people's moods. Because of this, they make wonderfully attentive partners – just don't expect to be able to hide a bad mood from one! Cancer dating requires an emotional investment from both people involved, and a Cancerian will expect you to be open about your feelings (even though they probably know what you're thinking already). In return, you'll have someone who'll always be there to listen, give wonderful advice, and care deeply about your wellbeing.

Not ones for the wild life, Cancer singles are a home-loving bunch. They love the domestic life, and all the security that accompanies a settled lifestyle. Don't expect to be chasing after adventure with one – you're more likely to spend a quiet night in, enjoying one another's company along with a home-cooked meal. That's not to say that they don't know how to have fun, though. Cancerians love to mix with all sort of people, are a huge hit socially because of their intuition and interest in others, and have unrivalled imaginations. They love music, art, and literature, so their favourite activities are often centred around these. Take your Cancer date to a concert, a gallery, or a poetry night to win their heart forever!

In relationships, Cancerians are best paired with Scorpio singles or Pisces singles. Scorpio's desire to love and be loved suits Cancer's romantic tendencies perfectly, and Pisces' love of beauty and tranquility fits in perfectly with the Cancerian worldview. Capricorn singles, however, are best avoided. Their realistic, status-conscious outlook doesn't mesh well with Cancer's need for fantasy and creativity.

So if Cancer dating sounds like it's up your alley, don't hesitate any longer! Start your search for love now.