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Australian dating is easy, when you know what to do and say to your prospective partner. Let AnotherFfriend teach you the rules of dating in Australia (and no, this has nothing to do with sheep, which is an old joke about New Zealand):

  • According to over 97% of Australian singles surveyed (this statistic is from a prominent Australian dating site), bad breath is a massive turn-off. This can be easily rectified by brushing your teeth before that crucial date, or chewing on a tasty piece of gum. Mouthwash, flossing; go the whole nine yards! An inexpensive travel kit can be carried around with you from date to date. Use this to ensure a decent kiss at the end of a date, and not the dreaded pull-away.
  • Bad manners come a very close second to bad breath. Being a gentleman/lady (at least for the first two to three dates) will show that you have a genuine interest in your partner that extends far beyond physical attraction. When you are out on a date, rudeness to those who are serving you will only cause to alienate your partner and they will see this as how you may treat them in the future.
  • Much like the Oscar-winning film ‘The Hurt Locker’ (a film about a bomb-disposal squad in Iraq), your date can be a potential minefield. Setting up a personal date is a scary affair, nerve-wracking and intensely exciting all in one. Have you considered a rendezvous dinner? This is a date that you both casually agree to show up on; this will place less pressure on both parties and you are free to bring your friends with you. More people, less pressure and more chances of success if your date sees you as a social person.
  • Running out of things to say during a date is a major concern for most. Conversation needs to be free-flowing, fun and flirty. This is easier said than done. As a bit of advice, once you start discussing the weather, you know that the evening is going downhill. Compliment your date in a friendly manner, discuss your interests and calm your nerves with a glass of wine (but only one, and preferably a light, white wine that does not stain the teeth).

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