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Armagh dating can be difficult, seeing as it’s Northern Ireland’s least-populated city, but AnotherFriend.com is here to help solve your dating problems! We’re the largest online dating site that Ireland has to offer, with over 420,000 users, so our Armagh singles listings give you the best possible chance of meeting someone who’s right for you. The listings above feature members in your area who are also looking to meet their ideal match, so get clicking and get chatting!

Chatting online is the best way to get to know your potential matches, and it’s one of the huge benefits of online dating. And since Armagh is ‘the city of saints and scholars’, you shouldn’t have much of a problem finding somebody interesting to chat with!  But if you’re a little bit unsure of how to go about chatting with others on an online dating site, just keep these two tips in mind, and your conversations should flow naturally:

  • Be respectful. Just because you’re on the internet, it doesn’t mean that all your manners should go out the window! Be polite and considerate in your messages, and it’ll stand you in good favour in the future. For example, if you decide that someone you’re messaging doesn’t actually interest you any more, send them a short note saying that you’ve decided to pursure someone else, and wish them the best of luck with their own dating endeavours. Hold yourself to the same standards here as you would in real life, and you’ll be much more attractive because of it
  • Make an effort to find out about other people. It can be tempting to just write your own life’s history in your messages, but take the time to enquire about the other person’s life. And be sure to take a good look at their profile before you start messaging them – the things they mention there can provide some great conversation fodder, and you won’t run the risk of asking them things that they’ve already explained for everyone to see.

So now that you know how to talk to Armagh singles with AnotherFriend.com, go ahead and get chatting!