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Aquarius - Dating - Grid

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PAGE: 1 2 3 ... 336

Aquarius singles are about as individual as individuals get, and you'll never be bored if there's one in your life. They make really interesting partners as a result of their quirks and habits, and are generally really endearing people. So start your search for an Aquarius date here on AnotherFriend.com. We've got the biggest and best zodiac singles listings that Ireland has to offer!

Aquarians are the eccentrics of the zodiac, and are always determined to march to the beat of their own drums. They tend to act and dress in unusual ways, and they've got no problem expressing views that go against those held by the people around them. For that reason, they get on best with people who are also smart and original, as Aquarius singles never feel more uncomfortable than when they're made to conform to conservative ideals or expectations.

In relationships, they like to be able to do their own thing, so it's important that they have plenty of space to themselves. That's not to say they aren't loving, however. Aquarians make incredibly good, committed partners when you win their hearts. Many of them retain a very strong attachment to their first love, and they're the kind of people who are willing to give a failed relationship a second chance. The only time they'll truly give up on a relationship is when they know in their hearts that there's nothing more to be gained from it. As soon as they come to that realisation, they'll walk away in a heartbeat.

It's very easy to connect with an Aquarian in a friendly way, but Aquarius dating is another story entirely. Really getting to know an Aquarius on an emotional level is difficult. They find it easier to have lots of acquaintances than a few close friends, and this becomes apparent when you try to get close to one. But if you manage it, you'll have their unswerving loyalty forever. You'll also have someone who will keep you on your toes at all times – Aquarian have incredibly active minds, and their thoughts are always racing. They find it hard to relax when sometime is on their mind, and need a fairly stable presence around to keep them from stressing out too much. Gemini singles and Libra singles are best for this.

So if you think you're right for Aquarius dating, what are you waiting for? Get out there now!